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Destroying a pool without removing each drive?



I have a PC with a few pools.

I need to destroy one of those pools, so I can re-allocate some of its drives to a different pool.

Data is already backed up. I would not want to remove drives one by one using GUI, as that is very time consuming.

How can one destroy a pool without first removing each individual drive?

Is there a command line API that allows that?


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4 minutes ago, Umfriend said:

I would think that you could simply format the relevant drives. DP will then say they are missing and if you remove the drives in the GUI then it should be done instantly.

Thanks, I thought about the same lines, so yesterday I tried to do just that. After a while DrivePool became unresponsive. I tried rebooting, then resetting settings, to no avail. After that, I tried to deactivate license, then uninstall + Reinstall DrivePool. From that moment Explorer started crashing every time I tried to access it. I completely uninstalled DrivePool (and Scanner, just to be safe), but Explorer kept crashing.

I ended up having to reformat boot drive and reinstall windows on that PC.

Now I am wary of touching a drive managed by DrivePool.


I would rather have DrivePool allow a safe "pool destroy" feature.

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