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Google Drive Quota Feature Request



Is this where I should be submitting feature requests?

I ask because I have just gone through the forums about the Google Drive API limits/throttling having bumped up against the infamous userRateLimitExceeded issues - presumably after hitting their 750GB per day limit. 

What I noticed was that once this rate limit is hit there isn't really anything for the application "to do" except for cache writes until Google lifts the ban/quota resets/etc. but I noticed that the write attempts just keeps hammering google which takes bandwidth unnecessarily. I was curious about the potential to just stop making the attempts after a while, and just go dormant (though continuing to write data to cache) until the throttle is lifted? I would imagine the logic would be something like:

  1. CloudDrive starts receiving userRateLimitExceeded responses and it then puts itself in a local caching only mode (opt-in or by default - doesn't really matter to me)
  2. CloudDrive then starts sending some type of a "canary" small data packet every few minutes to test and see if Google Drive API and/or Google Drive Backend are accepting writes again, and then start writing full chunks again whenever applicable.
  3. Rinse/repeat.


I realize that there is a method people have used to throttle the traffic in the settings basically to make it impossible to hit the 750GB per day quota but, in my tests for what I am using CloudDrive for I expect to ONLY stumble upon this limit maybe 10% of the time. The other 90% of the time I want to be able to use the full on bandwidth. So while a mbps throttle can help 10% of the time it ends up being an unnecessary bottleneck for the other 90%.

Does this sound useful to people or am I crazy? I don't mind hitting the limit from Google every once in a while but I don't really understand why the CloudDrive cannot be more efficient when it becomes clear that the upload quota has been reached. To me it looks like it keeps trying to write the same chunks over and over (sending the full chunks all the way to Google, for the chunks to end up being denied at the door) 

I think for bandwidth efficiency something like this could be helpful. But maybe this is just me trying to min/max the efficiency of the application too much in a rare situation. 


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Well, the simplest option is to limit the upload bandwidth to 80mbps, as that should get close to 750GB per day.  However, you'd want to split this up between drives on the same account.

As for the UserRateLimitExceeded, I suspect that's a different issue, actually. And just to make sure, could you head to https://stablebit.com/Contact and open a ticket there, so we can be sure. 


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