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Why isn't Drivepool smarter about removing drives?


I am in the process of migrating some drives from one server with a DrivePool pool to another server with ZFS. The current drive layout is 4x 10TB, 4x 8TB and 24x 3TB. I needed the 4 10's to be pulled out so I can move them over to the other server. I didn't have enough free space to remove 40TB straight up, so I had to disable duplication.

My first grumble:

  • If I'm removing drives, and I don't have enough space. I have to disable duplication first, which fre's up the space but does it in a indiscriminate way, removing some duplicated files from the drives I want to keep and keeping some on the drives I plan to remove. So when I remove the drives, it has to move them from the drive I'm removing to drives I'm keeping. I understand this is how it is supposed to work, but I am suggesting an enhancement.
  • If this step could be combined somehow, then it would be smart enough to disable duplication, but remove the duplicates from the drives I'm removing. Then removing the drives should be instantaneous. 

My second grumble, somewhat related to the first:

  • Removing drives in batches isn't smart enough to realize that there are other drives in the removal queue, so when I am removing drives, it moves data from the drive I am removing, to the drive that's queued up to be removed next. Doubling and tripling the movement of files.
  • If the remove process could be a tad big more intelligent, it should know not to move files to drives that are already in the removal queue.

Other than that, I've been a loyal customer since the early days (1/2012). Love the product, and the simplicity of the product. I wish it did more, but I'm not complaining (Except my two complaints above of course! :))

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