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Feature request - UI improvements


Good morning,


Still running through my test drive of Drive Pool, which so far does meet most of my needs


A few points though on the UI (they are minors, but I think they are relevant to many):

- The small arrow to access a pool parameters, especially folder duplication, is really really hard to find the first time around

- Enabling folder duplication on a specific folder is not straightforward, a shortcut would be welcome. Right now you need to click the 'pool option' arrow, then select 'File Protection', then 'Folder duplication', which is actually the second option. then you can select the folder you want to duplicate. Since 'Folder duplication' is probably the option most users will ever use once a pool has been created (and probably the single reason why customers buy Drive Pool in the first place), a one click shortcut on the main page would likely be welcome

- Likewise, what about a 'Enable Folder Duplication' option when right clicking on a folder within Windows Explorer ?

- I would recommend a one page overview of all duplicated folders, as it's easy to lose track of which ones are duplicated (or not), especially with a lot of subfolders

- The overall window size is relatively small, it could benefit to be bigger, to display both performance and pool information





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  • 0 added some text for  the pool options, so it's more obvious.


As for the window size, you can resize the UI and get a lot more information, if needed.


As for the explorer shell integration, Alex has posted about that: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/26-first-off-topic-new-competition-is-coming-to-town/&do=findComment&comment=206

(Which is to say, he's not a fan)


The rest are definitely good suggestions, and ones that have actually been considered, if not added to the "To-Do list".

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