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SSD Optimizer - Set order of SSD’s



I am using drivepool for quite a while. Now I recently changed some disks around and was confronted with the fact that my cache (3 SSD of 1TB) is filling in an order I don’t really prefer. While sometimes I need over 2TB cache for faster copying of files during daytime there are also a lot of occasions where I need less than 1TB. Two of the disks are  samsung 860 sata SSD while 1 disk is a samsung nvme 970. I would prefer that drivepool would always use the nvme first, but I can’t find a setting to make that happen. Currently he fills both sata ssd’s before switching to the nvme SSD. Anyone knows a way around this or should I remove the 860’s out of the pool and re-add them every time I need more cache?

Thanks in advance

I thought I found the solution while reading another post on a similar subject. I pooled my SSD’s in a child pool with only the stablebit scanner and Ordered File Placement plugins active. I can set the order in the plugin and add the child pool to the main pool as SSD Drive and the problem should be solved I thought. Now the problem is that he simply doesn't write to the SSD's at all, although the balancers place the arrow to place new files correctly on the child pool, no files actually go there :s


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