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Missing Drive - But no notification from Scanner


I got a notification that a disk was no longer available in the pool at 11:07am on 11/10.   When I got back home I confirmed the disk was not available.

Further troubleshooting I see the Below are also three errors that start happening repeatedly in the event view starting on 11/08 continuing until the disk went off line.   The third error occurred right around the time the disk went offline.




 When I open up disk manager I get the a prompt to initialize the disk (see below).  If I try to initialize it I get an error stating "Virtual Disk Manager - Incorrect Function ".


Do I assume this disk is dead - even though previously it didn't report any SMART errors - or had any issue in Scanner?



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Unfortunately, this is one of the things that StableBit Scanner does not do. 

That said, you may want to run CHKDSK on the disk in question, or data recovery, rather than initializing it. 

But yeah, if this drive is having issues above and has show up with a damaged or missing file system, it's probably dead or dying, and should be replaced. 

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