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Manually Organize Folders by using the hidden folder?


Had to redo my computer, Flexraid is no more (wasn't super thrilled with it anyway), so I'm reorganizing data across my media drives

I'd like to keep subfolders together as a "package".  I have over 500 dvds/blurays, so I have to split my movies across drives.  So  to keep it with a simple example, here's the scenario....

I've turned off all balancing features and all plugins.  I've placed movies A-M on drive1 and N-Z on drive2.  Then startedthe pool, and moved the folders into the hidden pool.xxxx folder..  Lets say I buy a new X-MEN movie, which comes with some extra features.  I use my bluray ripper to a usb harddrive, create a folder "X-MEN", with many subfolders for the special features.  To avoid drivepool splitting the subfolders, if I copy the topmost "X-MEN" folder directly to the hidden part of drive2, even if it means my pool would be unbalanced, does it keep it all?  

DESIRED END RESULT:  Worst case scenario, disk array fails, two drives at once. I can keep my list of movies in text or excel format, and know that I'm missing ALL the data from X-MEN and need to re-rip everything, not just missing maybe half the special features.  I'd know this cause the XMEN folder would be completely missing, making it easy to identify what is gone and what is not.



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