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SSD Optimiser is not liking only having 2 SSDs with 3x real time duplication




I'm running into an issue with having SSD Optimiser, real time duplication 3x, and only 2 SSDs. When writing files, they are written to an HDD, with the two duplicates into the SSDs. This renders the SSD Optimiser useless, since the speed of writes will be of the HDD.

If disabling real time duplication, the duplication will only be run at 2AM (or time configured in the json file). That's not good, since the files will wait before being duplicated.

There was an option named "FileDuplication_AlwaysRunImmediate" but it seems to be removed.


The solution, in my mind, to fix that, would be either:

* Restore FileDuplication_AlwaysRunImmediate, so that immediately after a write, the duplication starts.

* Add an option to SSD Optimiser, where if real time optimiser is enabled, duplication on archive drives is delayed. Make the write onto an SSD, and duplicate into the SSDs, leaving the file unduplicated, and starting duplication immediatly. If I could pick to only have the primary file on SSD and the two duplicates (if 3x) on archives, that would be even better. I don't need duplication when files are on SSDs, since they are safer than HDDs.

This way, a file written would be put into an SSD, and in the background DrivePool will queue duplication from the file in the SSD to archive files instantly. If this behaviour happens when real time duplication is enabled, this would allow you to disable it and return to current behaviour.

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I may well be wrong but AFAIK, there is no way to have DP not write a number of duplicates consistent with the duplication settings right away. I speculate that the FileDuplication_AlwaysRunImmediate setting related to cases where the duplication settings where changed or where something went "wrong" as in a missing drive being removed etc.

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