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How does the encryption work when not selected



I see that even though I did not choose to encrypt (no lock and no password was set) my information still is not displayed on the cloud provider side in a manner that I can see it.

How does that work with computers.... what happens if I reinstall windows or change computer? what information do I supply to be able to see my information again?

And are my files "safe" in a way that no one can see what they are anyway even though they are not encrypted?

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There is no encryption if you did not choose to enable it. The data is simply obfuscated by the storage format that CloudDrive uses to store the data on your provider. It is theoretically possible to analyze the chunks of storage data on your provider to view the data they contain.

As far as reinstalling Windows or changing to a different computer, you'll want to detach the drive from your current installation and reattach it to the new installation or new machine. CloudDrive can make sense of the data on your provider. In the case of some sort of system failure, you would have to force mount the drive, and CloudDrive will read the data, but you may lose any data that was sitting in your cache waiting to be uploaded during the failure. Note that CloudDrive does not upload user-accessible data to your provider by design. Other tools like rClone would be required to accomplish that. 

My general advice, in any case, would be to enable encryption, though. There is effectively no added overhead from using it, and the piece of mind is well worth it. 

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2 hours ago, nathanro said:

quick question, how can I enable encription after I have created and enabled the drive and already uploaded some files?


You cannot, unfortunately. You will have to recreate the drive. Encryption has to be enabled when the drive is created. 

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