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  1. Hi I hope someone can help me I have a drive that I can't mount because the system is telling me it is already attached to a different computer (actually my pc, the same one I want to mount it to).... how can I fix that?
  2. quick question, how can I enable encription after I have created and enabled the drive and already uploaded some files?
  3. Hi I see that even though I did not choose to encrypt (no lock and no password was set) my information still is not displayed on the cloud provider side in a manner that I can see it. How does that work with computers.... what happens if I reinstall windows or change computer? what information do I supply to be able to see my information again? And are my files "safe" in a way that no one can see what they are anyway even though they are not encrypted?
  4. Hi I have a drive that I uploaded 200GB to.... then added another clouddrive and put them in a pool and selected the data duplication Now I still see the 200gb on the fist disk, but 0 on the second Will the information be automatically copied from one to the other or how does that work?
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