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Not understanding the SSD Plugin


So today I added two 120GB SSD's to my system. I added them to my pool, selected them as SSD drives, turned off all of the other balancers, yet when I copy files to my drivepool, I can watch in the Drivepool interface, the files just copy to my archive drives and never even touch the SSD's?

Update: I think I got this working, I had removed the drive letters from the drives in Disk Management and after giving them a drive letter , it seems to be working. I did have another question though, I dont like to have a lot of drive letter cluttering up my explorer, so I created a pool with the 2 ssd's and added them to my main pool, removed the drive letters from the individual drives so now the only drive that shows is the "pooled" ssd cache drives. I know I have read that you really should be using 2 ssd's for this to work well, and while I do have 2 ssd's , they now look like 1 to DrivePool. Will that matter?




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So the 2 SSD requirement comes into play only if you have x2 duplication. Assuming you do then I can not be sure (don;t use SSD plugins) but I am pretty sure that through your use of hierarchical Pools, the main Pool will see the SDD-sub-pool as one and thus not sufficient for x2 duplication...

That DP or the plug in requires drive letters for it to work is, AFAIK, out of spec and you could post a ticket for that I would say.

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