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Folder duplication to only 2 drives


My current set up is 2x 4TB drives that has "home videos" on one drive and "Family Photos" on the other drive. I also have 2x10TB drives that i would like them to copy to with the 2 10TB drive mirroring one another but not copy the data on to the opposing 4TB drive. For better clarification i would like the "family Photos" drive and the "Home Videos" drive to both copy onto a 2x10TB mirror but not have the "Family Photos" copy its self to the "Home Videos" drive. Also need to know how to set up the mirror for the 2x10TB. Any help would be great thank you!

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Just wondering, the 4TB HDDs, these are separate, right? I mean, they are not part of a Pool yet? And you want both 10TB HDDs to contain all the Photos and Videos, right?

Would you mind if I came up with a scenario where you would achieve this although the 10TB HDDs would be partitioned into 2 5TB partitions?

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