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Network Shares on Pool





i search for one software "RAID" solution and found some different Softwares. I tried before similar software like Drive Bender but has problems with network shares to folders in the pool. Following issue. I've 4 HDD'S each 2TB.


1.HDD contains folder "Movies"

2.HDD contains folder "Music"

3.HDD contains folder "Pictures"

4.HDD contains folder "Backups"


I've created a Pool with Drive Bender and see the folders. But drive bender try to balance the folder, after that i've physically all this folders on all physically drives. 


I see as example the folder Movie on all 4 HDD, and Drive Bender did balanced the files to different folders on different drives. Before creating the pools i has


1HDD. Movies\1.mkv, 2.mkv,3.mkv,4.mkv


after creating pool i've


1. HDD Movies\1.mkv

2. HDD Movies\2.mkv

3. HDD Movies\3.mkv

4. HDD Movies\4.mkv


if i enable the share on the pool for Movies i see not all files on the share from another computer!


Does it working correctly in DrivePool?


I want only a Pool with 4 HDD (dont need dublicating, i've scheduled backups daily). The data shall stay in the original locations even i copy new files to folders it shall stay on original physical location. Movies on HDD1, Music on HDD2 etc. No balancing. I want to create network shares from the pool. Is it possible?


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OK, I may misunderstand the question but here goes.


First off, _if_ you create a pool of four drives, _why_ would you _not_ want files in certain "Folders" to be distributed over the four drives? Put otherwise, _what_ is it that you want to pool the drives for? It seems to me that what you want to accomplish is, basically, having four seperate physical and logical drives.


I am not familiar with Drive Bender but I assume that DB will (like Drive Pool) assign a drive letter to a logical drive, the logical drive being the Pool. You should (and would with DP) see all files in the shared folder _provided_ that the mapping of the share points to the actual Pool (and not a similarly named folder on one of the drives), that is, the logical drive created by DB / DP that represents the Pool (and therefore all four drives).


But the basic question is, what is it that you want the pool to do for you?

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I think I understand but if _you_ see one huge drive, so does the OS and DP is (I think) meant to distribute files or load over disks evenly. Not sure if DP allows for explicit folder positioning but even if it does (or will in the future) I would think it would only be worth while for specific situations (that I can't think of right now).


Let me ask you another question: If you see one big logical drive, why would you care how files are distributed over the four disks? If you move the shared folders (via the dashboard) to the Pool (the huge virtual disk that is know by some letter) than all shares should work perfectly for any client, regardless on which physical disk they are located.


If you do have the space available, I would recommend duplication. That way, if one of the drives fail, you do not actually need to restore...

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