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Need help recovering from checksum mismatch


After having some stability issues with Cloud Drives on Google Drive, I thought I'd go a little overboard with redundancy.  I created six 10TB drives, pooled them with Drive Pool, then enabled file duplication for the whole pool with three copies of each file.  Soon enough I started getting checksum mismatch errors on one of the drives.  Following advice found in other topics I mounted the drive ignoring checksum errors and tried to run chkdsk /r on it.  It ran for a few days and finally gave up with an error stating "An unspecified error occurred (6e74667363686b2e b34)."


Now, I know I can destroy the drive that's generating errors, create a new one and let Drive Pool rebuild duplication but that's going to take a LONG time.  Is there any way to recover from this error using the existing duplication data, just overwriting the bad data with  the good from the rest of the pool?

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So the short answer is that a checksum mismatch error ostensibly indicates unrecoverable data corruption on the provider. That being said, 1165 was giving me checksum errors on one drive, and downgrading to .1145 no longer gave the errors, even though it has the same checksum verification system, which was added in .1114. So if you're on 1165, it might actually be related to all of the other problems that people are seeing with 1165 right now. Try downgrading to .1145 and seeing if that makes them go away. 

If they persist, though, there is no recovery. That error simply means that the data was modified on/by your provider. If the data has genuinely been changed and corrupted, it cannot be fixed. It would be advisable to start copying the data off of that volume and onto a new one. 

Note that all of the other genuine corruptions were accompanied by a service problem at Google, and I have not heard of one since July. So there is cause to be optimistic that you're being given false errors. 

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