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  1. Wouldn't that immediately start the balancer moving files from the older, fuller drives to the new empty ones?
  2. So you're saying disable all other balancing plugins other than the SSD Optimizer? What about the Settings tab, what should those be set to?
  3. I have a pool consisting of six 10 TB cloud drives with triple redundancy. It's running low on space so I'd like to add some more drives for more space. However, I want to make sure that the drive balancer doesn't try to move data from the existing drives to the new, empty ones as that will use a lot of unnecessary bandwidth. I'd just like the new drives to fill up as data is added to the pool. I also have an SSD as part of the pool using the SSD optimizer. As I understand it the SSD optimizer uses the balancer to move files from the SSD to the other drives in the pool, I'd like to retain
  4. I rebooted the machine, and now if I click duplicate now it goes through "checking" and then back to duplication inconsistent. Could really use some help with this.
  5. I have six 10TB Google Drive cloud drives merged into a single Drivepool drive with triple duplication (triplication?) enabled on it. I have just started getting an error telling me "duplication inconsistent". It gives me two options, see details and duplicate now. If I click see details it lists several files and says they're corrupt and unreadable. If I click duplicate now nothing happens. How do I recover from this?
  6. Where can I find older Cloud Drive versions? I'm not seeing them on the download page.
  7. Thanks, I'll try that. What's the proper downgrade process? Do I uninstall 1165 then install 1145, or can I just run the 1145 installer with 1165 still in place?
  8. After having some stability issues with Cloud Drives on Google Drive, I thought I'd go a little overboard with redundancy. I created six 10TB drives, pooled them with Drive Pool, then enabled file duplication for the whole pool with three copies of each file. Soon enough I started getting checksum mismatch errors on one of the drives. Following advice found in other topics I mounted the drive ignoring checksum errors and tried to run chkdsk /r on it. It ran for a few days and finally gave up with an error stating "An unspecified error occurred (6e74667363686b2e b34)." Now, I kn
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