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Reformatted HDD from old pool not listed as available for new pool



So, I used to have three pools -- one was a pair of 1TB drives, the second was a pair of 2TB drives, and the third was bunch of larger drives.   The need for the second pool of 2TB drives went away, and I didn't have any immediate need for them, so I thought I deleted the pool (it certainly isn't listed anymore), I reformatted the two 2TB drives, and pulled them out of the server.   Now I've decided I want to use one of the 2TB drives for extra space in third pool, so I put it back in the server, full-formatted it again to be sure it was still OK, and went to add it, but it doesn't show up under the list of available drives in DrivePool.   Stablebit Scanner sees it, Windows sees it, and I can copy files onto it just fine, but DrivePool seems to have some sort of "mental" issue with it.   I suspected it could be due to having been previously used in a different pool that should no longer exist (when I toggle through the pools, there's only the first 1TB one and the third one), and what's interesting is under "Feedback" it has a strange message that says there was an error measuring the 2nd pool, and the date was probably the same date as when I booted up up the server with the drive put back in -- so, indeed, it appears that DrivePool still thinks that drive is somehow associated with a pool that should no longer exist.

Any advice on how to fix this?

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No, disk management says it is a "basic" disk (and since it "convert to dynamic disk" is not grayed out, that means it is not currently a dynamic disk).

No, it is NTFS with 64k clusters like all the other DrivePool disks.

The fact right around the time I reinstalled the drive in the server there was a notification having to do with the pool it used to be a part of is extremely significant IMO.

I SUSPECT what might have happened a year or two ago when I pulled the drives out and deleted the pool is, FIRST I pulled the drives, and THEN I deleted the pool, and I suspect there's a bug that caused it to not delete the association with the drives when I deleted the pool, because the drives weren't connected when I deleted the pool.

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