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How do I dismiss notifications / warnings?


Scanner is doing its job and has alerted me that my USB backup drive has 8 bad sectors and there might be signs of future problems. 




Now what? How do I acknowledge and dismiss the notifications? Scanner has added two alert icons to my Windows taskbar that won't go away. And in Scanner there’s the warning that won’t go away. 

Theres no action to take: Scanner can’t fix the bad sectors. But the notifications seem to be permanent.  I can’t figure out how to tell Scanner that I appreciate its hard work but the notifications can be dismissed. 


Any help is appreciated. :)

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You can clear the status for the unreadable sectors.  However, during the next scan, they will likely come back.  In this case, there is no way to "clear" the status.  Because this isn't a case of "oh, something *may* be wrong, just ignore for now".  It means that the system was not able to read from those sectors on the disk, which indicates a critical failure. As in, something failed that SHOULD NOT  fail.   And that's the point of the surface scan. 

My recommendation would be to clear out any important data that is on the drive, and RMA it it if it's under warranty, or just outright replace it, if it's not. 


Aside from that, do a full (non-quick) format of the drive, and rescan the drive, see if that helps.  If not, the above. 

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