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CloudDrive Downloading




During setup of CloudDrive, I made the mistake of not making duplicates of the data I was uploading. So now some of my data is only stored in the cloud and I would like to correct this.

What is the best way to download the data but still keep it in the cloud as well? I've tried using File Explorer and copying the data to another drive, but the performance drops to 0 until more data is "downloaded". I am assuming it is because the download speed cannot keep up with the copy speed.

I currently have gig download speeds, is there fine-tuning of the performance that can be done? Thanks in advance for any help!


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To have it stored on a local drive, and in the cloud?   

If so, install StableBit DrivePool, if you haven't already.  Then:

  1. add both the local disk and the CloudDrive disk to a pool
  2. Enable duplication on the pool
  3. Seed the existing data:
  4. Let it duplicate


Though, I would recommend creating a pool of the local drives, and then adding that to another pool with the CloudDrive. 

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