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Drivepool measuring/checking interacton with Macrium Reflect backup


I have noticed that my pool is very frequently measured and checked. I don't see anything in event logs that would suggest a faulty controller or drive, and Scanner is also not reporting any issues. Drivepool seems also to measure and scan frequently after reboots. I am running on Windows 10 with SATA Drives.

I noticed that a cycle of measuring & checking may have been triggered by events of Macrium Reflect, which runs backups regularly on my machine. From my event viewer:

Information     07/06/2019 13:58:54   mrcbt    Event ID 7
Device \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1 has been surprise removed (IRP_MN_SURPRISE_REMOVAL)

Information    07/06/2019 13:58:54    mrcbt    Event ID 6
Device \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1 has been removed (IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE)

Apparently these are normal events by Macrium Reflect, and are also only logged as information. Is it possible that they cause Drivepool to remeasure and check, even though it is unrelated? The files that are being backed upped are from outside the pool, but the resulting backup image is placed in the pool.

Possible relation to


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