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DP Keeping ALL disks from sleeping.. again...


I have been noticing my drives not spinning down yet again for several months. So I went on the hunt, and again it appears DP is querying all the drives on the system (even those not in the pool) presumably via wmiprvse.exe. As soon as I shut down the DP service it's stops. These are ~4kb hits on all installed drives.

So I opened up my setting.json file and to my surprise it was corrupted. (Full of "NULL") So I shut down the DP service, deleted the file, restarted the DP service, it created a good setting file I then shut the service back down, changed the override to false, saved file. rebooted machine.

I have confirmed the setting "stuck" but DP continues to hit every disk keeping them all awake.


I'm running the latest beta.. Is DP not honoring the setting anymore?


Some screen shots





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