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Flex raid deserter, newbie questions.


Hi All, i had to desert flexraid because Bakrim has once again done a runner and i had licensing issues. ive installed drivepool but it seems to behave in a very different way to flexraid. it would appear to me that when i add a drive with existing data to t the pool that altough its "added" and the space of the files on that drive is allocated as taken , that the files have got to be manually moved over from the disk that is already in the pool.... to the actual pooled drive.... is this correct? all seems a bit daft to me, 

Also, the pooled disks are all still available in file manager, why is this? is there any way of making them disappear why would you want them visible separately if your using them in a pool??

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I'm sorry to hear that! 

Yes, that's correct. the data is handled this way, so the software doesn't break any existing configuration that you may have.  

However, you can seed the data quickly: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489
This should take "minutes" to complete, since it's just moving files/folders around on the same disks. 


And yes, you can make them disappear. Though, we recommend mounting the disks to folder paths, so that they're still accessible, if you need to access them.

Steps #1-6 cover how to remove the drive letters, if you don't want to mount the drives to folders. 

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