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Disk Activity


Hello, just stumbled upon this product a few days ago and am currently on the trial.  So far so good, but I did have one question.  I've noticed that since installing the product I see the disk activity lights blink on all my external physical connected disks about once every 5 seconds.  Is this normal?  This did not happen prior to installation, and I verified it was in fact the clouddrive service causing it by uninstalling (after which disk lights stopped).  Task manager doesn't show any actual disk activity, so it's almost like the disks are being polled on a 5 second interval?  Detaching my one clouddrive I have set up makes no difference; local activity lights continue.

Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, it may be. 

There is a setting that we have enabled by default that may be causing this behavior.  Specifically, the BitLocker setting. 

This setting queries the system for data, which creates a WMI query, which causes disk activity.  

That said, you can disable this:

And the setting is "BitLocker_CloudPartUnlockDetect", which is actually used in the example.  Set the "override" value to "false", save the file and reboot the system.  That should fix the issue, hopefully. 

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