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does Drivepool prioritise different types of drives?



Hi all,


Newbie question. The machine is a media server, running 5x 3Tb internal SATA drives, and 2x external USB2 drives.


Its very obvious when the USB2 drives are being used in the pool, as they are so much slower. Can Drivepool be told (or is it smart enough) to only use slower (ie USB) drives for duplication, instead of using them for 'serving' duties?



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No, we don't really prioritize which drives are used.


However, if you're using duplication, and have read striping enabled, it will use both disks the files are on, and increase performance. 

And that said, you could use the "File Placement Limiter" balancer to configure the USB drives to ONLY be used for duplicated files (and not unduplicated). That would ensure better performance overall.



Additionally, there *is* the "Ordered File Placement" balancer plugin that you can download and install. This fills one disk at a time (instead of spreading out the data), and lets you specify the order in which to fill the disks.  This may be closer to what you want.




As for the version, it doesn't matter. Both are currently maintained. However the 1.3 version is designed specifically for WHS2011 and contains a lot more integration with the dashboard than the "newer" 2.x version does. So I'd recommend sticking with the version that you have.

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