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Quorum based file movement by hash?




Recently i read about HDFS. I think rebalancing the files on file hashes with a quorum would be a cool feature.

This would work in the following way:

  1. Rebalancing is scheduled by another plugin, e.g StableBit Scanner Plugin
  2. File movements are calculated
    1. Before a file is moved, it is read on multiple Disks and a hash (e.g md5, sha256, ... ) is calculated
    2. If the hash is the same on all disks, all disks are used to move the file
    3. If the hash is diffrent on the disks a Quorum is used to identify the disks where the file is read from
  3. Files getting copied/moved


The Balancing could also do the following

  1. On a schedule, the hash for every file on every disc is calculated.
  2. If the hashes are diffrent on some disks, Quorum is used to determine from wich disk the files are replaced.
  3. Files are copied

This would add a new level of integrity for the files.


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