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SSD Optimizer plugin - recognise Disk / partition



The SSD Optimizer plugin - only lets you designate the whole SSD drive.  Now that larger SSD's are more readily and cheaply available - i have a 2 TB drive - but split into two partitions.  The idea is to use a smaller partition (300GB) for caching, and the remainder (1.6TB) for normal storage.

However - i cannot configure this, as the optimizer see's and tags the whole disk as the cache drive - not just the partition(s).   The only workaround so far - is to use file placement rules to place certain folders on the larger SSD partition.

Could this be addressed in an update?

Annotation 2019-04-03 183436.png

Annotation 2019-04-03 183524.png

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I believe this is intentional. But I'm not 100% sure about that.

That said, keep in mind, that StableBit DrivePool will not put duplicates on the same physical disk. They need to be on separate disks.  So if you have duplication enabled, you'd need two physical disks for the SSD Optimizer.  (and that's why I think this is intentionally).

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