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Transferring File Sizes Greater Than Cache


Wondering theoretical feasibility as well as best practices for this scenario using Google Drive.


My backup software (Acronis True Image) creates very large individual files for each backup. Generally speaking, I am wondering what happens if your file size you are transferring to CD is larger than your cache size (assuming cache type is "Fixed"). Will it just transfer the single file in pieces until it creates a whole file on the cloud (keeping in mind the upload could take days), or do I need to tell the Acronis software to break up the backup into more manageable chunks of data?

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For StableBit DrivePool?  It's not really possible.  Any file added to the pool has to fit on the disks in the pool.  

If it's too large, it will give you a free space error.


For StableBit CloudDrive, that's fine. But it may take a while to complete.

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