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StableBit FileVault ETA?


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Not soon enough, for me. :(

Right now, we are working on StableBit Cloud, which we hope will add a lot of functionality that people will want, and be nice to have.  

After that's released, we will likely discuss what is next, and I do really want FileVault, and have and will be pushing for it. 


That said, we are a very small company, so we don't have a large development team. So, it may be a while before we're able to get to it. :(

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Since you seem to have a personal interest, do you have a recommendation of another product elsewhere that would do things like keep track of file hashes and repeatedly check on a routine, then notify if the file changes?

Obviously it would not have the integration Stablebit products are known for, but certainly something im wanting at the moment.

Bonus - If FileVault can link multiple DrivePools on different machines for backup retrieval if hash fails on primary.

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