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Can't enable duplication on a pool of pools



I have:

2 8tb hdd as Drivepool g:

1 RAID5 14.5TB as the only member of Drivepool h:

Created Drivepool I: = G: + H:

Duplication is set off on both drivepool g: and H: but when I try to enable it on Drivepool I; the icon shows dark grey Other 11.4 TB, Unusable for duplication (light grey) 11.4 TB Free Space (white) 17.7 TB and 47 B Unduplicated


What I want is to pool G with H so that everything on H is duplicated onto G as a backup of the RAID  array (which has served as my sort of archive drive for music libraries, movies, and software install packages).


What am I doing wrong here? BTW all this is on WSE 2012 (not R2), which is otherwise running fine.Thanks for help in advance!


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So I = G + H. But G and H are also Pools by themselves. The data, I think, is in pool H, not Pool I.
What you can do is, explore the bidden poolpart.* folder on H. You will see there is another poolpart.* folder in it.

The first is Pool H (only).  The second is Pool I to the extent stored on H. G has the same but is mostly empty.

Move the files in the first poolpart folder the the second below it on H. DP will the. Duplicate.



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That's a good point actually. You'd still need to move some data though and re-measure and rebalance.

However, if you think you may ever need to expand the Pool(s), then the current setup might be better as you could simply add drives to the G and H Pools. Otherwise you'd have to add a drive to the Raid5 array and perhaps that might have some additional complications. But if that is the way you would go then Jaga is absolutely right I would think.

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