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Extra pool showing up


Running on Win 7 pro, I have 2 pools defined, big-pool with many physical HDs, another small-pool with 2 x 2TB HDs (it's config for duplication)

Stablebit warn me one of the 2TB has a file system damages, so I remove it from the small-pool, and reformat the disk with NTFS, then add it back to small-pool.

Fast forward a week or two, I notice something is weird, and it turns out, now I have 3 pools.  big-pool (e:), small-pool (f:) with one of the 2TB and another pool (g:)with the "once removed, then added 2TB".  This is where I need help.

g: is not readable, in Computer Management console, disk management, it's marked as Unknown (not initialized), the drivepool UI would keep hanging when I try to run it.

What I want to do: get it back to big-pool, small-pool.  As far as I can tell, big-pool is "ok", (and it's important it stays ok.)  small-pool (f: seems ok.) so I am ok with just blowing away g:, and whatever the content in the 2TB behind it, and re-add them all back to small-pool.  But I have no idea how to do that "correctly".  The Drivepool UI doesn't have a remove pool.

when I look into device manager, under Disk Drives, I see 3 Covecube Virtual Disk,  2 of them just say "Covecube Virtual Disk", the 3rd one say "Covecube Virtual Disk ({cc1dca32-6002-43d9.......})"


Please let me know if I need to collect any log to help debug this. Thanks.

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