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Drivepool - a reliability story



With most of the topics here targeting tech support questions when something isn't working right, I wanted to post a positive experience I had with Drivepool for others to benefit from..


There was an issue on my server today where a USB drive went unresponsive and couldn't be dismounted.  I decided to bounce the server, and when it came back up Drivepool threw up error messages and the GUI for it wouldn't open.  I found the culprit - somehow the Drivepool service was unable to start, even though all it's dependencies were running.  The nice part is that even though the service wouldn't run, the Pool was still available.  "Okay" I thought, and did an install repair on Stablebit Drivepool through the Control Panel.  Well, that didn't seem to work either - the service just flat-out refused to start.

So at that point I assumed something in the software was corrupted, and decided to 1) Uninstall Drivepool  2) bounce the server again  3) Run a cleaning utility and 4) Re-install.  I did just that, and Drivepool installed to the same location without complaint.  After starting the Drivepool GUI I was greeted with the same Pool I had before, running under the same drive letter, with all of the same performance settings, folder duplication settings, etc that it always had.  To check things I ran a re-measure on the pool, which came up showing everything normal.  It's almost as if it didn't care if it's service was terminal and it was uninstalled/reinstalled.  Plex Media Server was watching after the reboot, and as soon as it saw the Pool available the scanner and transcoders kicked off like nothing had happened.

Total time to fix was about 30 minutes start to finish, and I didn't have to change/reset any settings for the Pool.  It's back up and running normally now after a very easy fix for what might seem to be an "uh oh!" moment.

That's my positive story for the day, and why I continue to recommend Stablebit products.

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