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Q: Swapping to Larger Drives (which way?)



I'm upgrading the drives in my pool to larger HDD (12TB), but what to confirm the fastest way of doing this.  I've added the new drive and clicked on the old drive to remove but as I use the SSD Optimizer Plugin the data was being copied to this first and not the new HDD.  Appart from the fact that the 8TB drive I'm removing will not fit on the 1TB SSD, I'd like DP to copy the data straight to the new drive.  Would the "Preferred" way of doing this be to just, mark the SSD drive as an "Archive Drive" and make sure the target drive is placed Higher on the "Ordered Placement" List?

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As long as you have enough connectors, connect the new disk, add it to the pool, remove the old disk.  Repeat this, one disk at a time, until all are replaced.

Otherwise, if you don't have enough connectors/space, then if you have duplication enabled, use the "Duplicate data later" option when removing the disk, physically remove it, add the new disk and add it to the pool. Then repeat.

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