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Drivepool + NTFS Dedupe + Duplication for VM storage


Having tried a few different types of storage 'systems' for my VMs, the most recent being SS, I've decided to go back to straight up SSDs + dedupe as its given me the best performance + capacity. Now I would go with a RAID1 or a RAID5, but some people appear to have had success with storing VMs on DP. I've done some searches and found some older posts about VMs + DP and dedupe + DP, but wanted to try and get an update or idea of where things are with it all now.

The plan is to start off with 2x SSDs added to a pool. Both SSDs will have NTFS dedupe enabled on them. I will then selectively duplicate VMs, although as I grow the storage I will likely duplicate the whole of the pool. When I want to grow, I'll add another SSD and let re-balancing do its job.

Is this viable? Has anyone had any experience with this? Ultimately I'd like to see if I can extend it to a failover cluster using Starwind VSAN, but I'm a while off of that yet.

Thanks for the help

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The built in Data Deduplication?  Yeah, it should work on the underlying drives, but not the pool itself.

That's because the pool is an emulated drive, and no actual data resides on it.   

But dedup will work on the underlying disks just fine, but you may not see as much of a savings as you would if it was on Storage Spaces or a RAID array. 

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