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Wish List - colored duplication



Not sure if this is possible or easy...

Right now I have my pool 3x duplicated (upgraded from 2x duplicated) and I have 1.51TB marked in a dark blue which is keyed as "unduplicated."

Does that mean it's only x1 on the pool, or it's x2 but not yet x3 duplicated?

If you had colors for how many copies of a file are on the pool that would be great!  (i.e. Red for 1x copy, Blue x2 Copy, Green x3 Copy, etc.)

* Of course, not sure how this would work if folks are doing a full pool duplication like I am and instead duplicating some folders only.

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Right now, it's dark blue if it's unduplicated (1 copy on the pool), and light blue if it's duplicated at all, regardless of the level (eg 2 or more copies on the pool).

As for color indication for higher levels, I suppose that's possible, but I'm not sure how easy that would be to implement/track with the current code. 


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