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...don't know if my problem is related to this, but it looks similar in some way: 


...I just noticed two "problems" after switching from 2.2.x beta to (and .906 afterwards).

My system contains 3x 8TB Archive disks and 1x 2TB "SSD".

In the SSD plugin, the 2TB is clearly marked as SSD and not as "Archive".

When bringing in new files to the pool, these land on the 2TB disk.

Problem 1: I now noticed, that the never got moved away and DP even start to use the Disk to duplicate them.

Problem 2: When letting the box sit/idle forever (+24hrs), DP tells me that it is rebalacing, when I leave, but never ever achieves anything of that when I return 24hrs later.

...what is going wrong here?



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