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No Smart Data after new Server 2016 install

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i have a really bad problem here and i dont know what i should do anymore..

i had to reinstall my server 2016 because i changed my boot drive to a nvme drive and had to change bios to uefi for that.

after reinstalling everything stablebit shows not a single smart data anymore, the only message is "The on-disk SMART check is not accessible..."


before the new installation everything was working great, all my disk are connected to the onboard sata controller.



supermicro x10sdv-tln4f, xeon d 1541

128gb ram ddr2400

boot: intel 760p 128gb nvme

ssd: micron 5100 pro 960gb

data: 4x wd gold 12tb


i am using v BETA of stablebit scanner


i installed the latest intel chipset drivers and there is no problem with e.g. crystal disk info. so smart is enabled.

pls help me






This is "by controller"


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Ok, I found out something.

When I disable the Intel 760p SMART he shows me smart data for all other hard drives after a service restart.

Is it not possible to check the 760p, too? There should some kind of error handling here, when there is a problem with only one drive.

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Just a heads up, we are in the process of adding support for NVMe drives.  

Also NVMe drives don't actually use SMART. They use a very different standard.


As for the rest of the drives, they shouldn't be affected, but if you're using a beta version, there may be a few bugs still.  Once we have a more finalized version (eg a public beta of it), then it should hopefully work better.

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