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DrivePool Folder Dupe to SnapRaid



Just want to run this by you guys to see if I'm missing something before I screw something up :)

I've been using Pool file Duplication and love it but as you know downside is you can only use 1/2 your total volume. So just learned you can use SnapRaid for a weekly back up (or what ever time frame you chose)

Here is my current system and snapconfig I just created.

I'm assuming once I uncheck "Pool file duplication" it will delete the dupes? Than I can move everything off the J: drive to use as my parity?


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Yes, if you disable Pool file Duplication, it will unduplicate the entire pool, assuming you don't have custom duplication settings.

and when you set it, it will run a duplication pass and delete the extra copy.  

and you should be able to remove the J:\ drive at any time, though. 

Also, assuming that SnapRAID uses a single, large file, you may want to reformat the J:\ drive to use larger allocation units. 

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1 hour ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

Also, if you wanted, you could remove J:\ now, use the "Duplicate data later" option, disable duplication, and then format the J:\ drive.  It would save you a good chunk of time. I think. 


Seen this too late. I'm in it for the long haul... 4% in an hour! xD



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