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Best Settings for Cloud Drive with Google Drive ?



Hello !

I would like to ask, what are the best settings for Cloudrive with Google Drive ?

I have the following Setup / problems

I use CloudDrive Version  on two computers:

I have one Google Drive Account with 100TB of avaiable space.

When I Upload some data to the drive the Upload Speed is perfect.

On the frist Internet line I got an Upload Speed of nearly 100 MBit/sec

On the Second Internet line (slower one) I also got full Upload Speed. (20 MBit/sec)


When I try to download something the download Speeds are incredible slow.

On the first line I have a download speed of 3 MB/sec. It should be 12,5 MB/sec  (max Speed of the Line) 

On the Second Line I have a download Speed of 5 MB/sec. It should be 50 MB/sec (max Spped of the Line)


I already set the Upload/download Threads to 12 on both Computers. I also set the minimum download size to 10.0 MB in the I/O Performance settings.


What are the best settings to increase the download Speed ?


Thank you very much in advance for any help.


best regards





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You posted this as a ticket as well.  

Decreasing the number of threads may help.

Also, on a new drive, you can set the chunk size, and therefore a larger minimum download size.


Also checking the drive that you're using for the cache for errors (CHKDSK) may be a good idea.

The rest ist all troubleshooting stuff. So I won't repeat it here. 

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