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  1. Just wanted to give an update for those who have problems with xfinity new 1gb line - I basically had them come out showed them how the line was going in and out with the pingplotter and they rewired everything and they changed out the modem once they did that everything has stabilized and been working great - thank you for all your help guys! long live stablebit drive! lol
  2. So I changed my DNS to google and I updated to the latest version (beta) and now it's more stable I just get these messages now, but it's more stable. I'm going to try out your suggestion @jaga , I think it's xfinity, since I switched from at&t this started happening so It has to be the ISP, but other suggestions def. have helped it become more stable. Thank you guys for the support!
  3. Thank you guys - I'm going to use the beta and dns resolution provider now to see if this work and give an update in a few days.
  4. so what should I do then? is it a google drive thing? thank you for the support
  5. @Christopher (Drashna) any suggestions - thanks!
  6. Thank you just submitted using the application.
  7. I did the DNS clearing and the clean up under manage drive and still =(
  8. Jose M Filion

    I/O Error

    So today I moved to another location and upgraded to xfinity connection to 1gb down and 40 mbps up and now I keep getting this error. and my settings I haven't touched it Can somebody please help?
  9. My settings, Been using this for 6 months and with the help with many here and me testing. This has been perfect me, I recommend bringing down the download threads to 10, and upload to 5,
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