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CloudDrive usage patterns



I'm evaluating CloudDrive (already using DrivePool and very happy with it).

My intention is to use CloudDrive for offsite backup, through a daily Robocopy job. So, CloudDrive would (for the most part) be "write-only".

I need to decide on a storage provider. I'm currently inclined to use Google Cloud Storage, as I'm familiar with it, but to make some sense of the costs involved, I'd need to better understand how CloudDrive uses GCS. I mean, is there a situation where it makes sense to use GCS near/coldline, perhaps through lifecycle management?

This will largely depend on how metadata is stored and what kinds of GCS operations would be used by CloudDrive when Robocopy lists a directory to figure out file sizes and modification times, and how often are blocks that are neither read nor written to accessed.

Does this make sense? Is there any way I can debug this for myself?


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Honestly, that's a question that is very hard to answer.  Since there are a bunch of factors that influence this, it's very hard to give you an accurate answer. 

The best option is to see if the have a trial period, and see how things go.

However, I priced this out a while ago, and it doesn't seem to have changed much. 

The TL;DR: of this is: 

You don't want to use nearline (after re-reading it), so...

$27/TB/month for storage, and ~120/TB/month for data transfer. 


So if you're writing a lot, or storing a lot, this will add up quite quickly.  

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Right, storage transfer and operations get expensive fast, unless you're not doing much of those (uploads don't count).

Looking into this some more, I think this is not right tool for the job.
It seems the better option is to create something around "gsutil rsync".
Access patterns will be a lot more predictable, I'll be able to use versioning, life cycle management, etc.

Still very happy about DrivePool and considering Scanner as well.
CloudDrive would make more sense in conjunction with GDrive/OneDrive/Dropbox.

One unrelated issue, in the forum, signup/login with Google is giving me a "400 redirect_uri_mismatch".
Had to register with email instead (one more password to store).


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