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[FileBalance] Cannot balance. Requested critical only.




a couple a days ago I got a Stablebit Scanner warning of

unreadable sectors of one of my disks. I removed it without

recreating duplicates My pool became rather full. And since then

"Duplicating" in the GUI seems stuck on ¨1.6%.


I found this in the DrivePool service log:


DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [FileBalance] Cannot balance. Requested critical only. 2013-12-08 23:59:58Z 312757235620

I know my pool is nearly full, and I plan to extend it with 4 TB.


Will duplication finish when I extend my pool?


Should I concern?


DrivePool version on WHS 2011


thanks in advance



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This is a normal message in the log, it isn't anything to be worried about.


And it is completely seperate from duplication.


As for duplication, this can take a LONG while, as it's defaulted to a low priority. If you wish to speed this up, you can set "FileDuplciation_BackgroundIO" to false in the config file and restart the server.


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