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Windows 10 update KB2267602 fails to install; Windows Defender cannot run



First, let me say I searched this forum for 'KB2267602' and did not see any results.

Issue: Windows Update KB2267602 fails to install and Windows Defender cannot run.

It appears as though Covecube is aware of this issue based on the following comment in this code change:


This is not related to KB2267602 (definition update) failing to install.

Is there an update to when this issue will be addressed?  I don't like having Windows Defender unable to run on my PC, and it seems like Windows Update has stopped searching for new updates as well.  Thanks.

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Which DP version have you installed?

I have been struggling with that Windows Defender Update issue (during my attempts to fix it, I even went through a Windows 10 in-place upgrade), before I fortunately found this thread talking about a connection to Drive Pool and where Chris announced version as a fix:

I was happy that installing this version actually fixed it (meanwhile I’m using

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I've decided to reinstall Windows 10 to try to fix the problem.  This is what I will do:

  1. Disconnect the two external drives used for DrivePool
  2. Reinstall windows
  3. Install DrivePool
  4. Connect the external drives

Chris, my reading indicates that DrivePool will then recognize the drives and the DrivePool will appear – mapped and all.  Is that right?  Do I need to reconfigure or import the old drives somehow?  And most of all, will the data be preserved?


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Yup, that's all you'd need to do.  The only difference is deactivate the license before reinstalling. 

But after reinstalling, once StableBit DrivePool is installed, it looks for the PoolPart folder on each drive. When it finds disks with those, it reads some additional information and automatically recreates the pools.  

All of the data on the disks present is preserved, and duplication settings are preserved.  Balancing settings are lost, though. 

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