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Lost All Configurations under Disk Settings after Upgrade

Mick Mickle


I just upgraded from the Release version to Beta version on my WS 2012 R2 server.  Now, my extensive custom names and locations as well as other settings under Disk Settings are gone.  (Edit:  Also, all disks, which had been scanned many times by the previous version, now show they have never been checked.)  Is this a known issue?  Any chance of finding a configuration file that may have been left behind by the earlier version or that I might have in a backup that I can restore in order to avoid examining all the bays and entering all the data again?  Interestingly, I did the same upgrade using the wssx installation in WS 2012 R2 Essentials running in Hyper-V on the same server, and all the Disk Settings were preserved.

What hurts most is that I was just fine with the release version, but has been out so long that I figured it was bullet proof, and I had previously upgraded some Windows 10 machines with it already. 

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Add note that all disks showed they'd never been checked
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For the benefit of other users, this is a known problem, per Christopher.  I was able to get back to the release version 3062 with all disk configurations, custom names, and scan history by following these steps:

  1. Uninstall the beta, then delete the Scanner folders in Program Files (x86), ProgramData, and \User\AppData\Local & Roaming (just in case).  I also stopped the Scanner Service before doing all this, just in case.
  2. Have the recovered folders from a recent backup (I use Acronis Backup 11.5) saved into a temporary folder already, then copy them to ProgramData and User\AppData. 
  3. Install 3062 Release and you're back to where you were before the problem.  ( I also copied the old Scanner.Service.exe.config into appropriate folder in Program Files (x86) because it had a recent date, although I don't think I've ever done anything with it except experiment.)

I also gave the latest December 2017 beta 3130 a whirl, and it, too, loses all disk configuration settings and history of scans after ugrade from 3062 on WS2012R2.  So I rinsed and repeated above steps.  I rely too much on Scanner to keep track of the 12 HDDs in my server as to their bay location and whether they're in my VM DrivePool or not.  (Upgrading to the beta Scanner in the VM WS2012R2E did not result in amnesia there.)


P.S.  I had no problems with Release 3062 in the several years I've been using it, BTW. I just thought the newer beta version might be better. And my long absence on this forum just reflects the problem-free experience I've been having.  Kudos to CoveCube StableBit!


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Yup, this is a known issue.  Unfortunately, it's pretty rare, very inconsistent, and harder to reproduce.  

I've seen it happen in VMs, but not consistently, and even with snapshots/checkpoints, the issue doesn't happen again. 

It's ... hard to pin down, And has been happening for a much longer while (since 2.3, I think). 

That said, the latest builds have changed how the settings are stored, and should be much more resilient to this sort of issue in the future. 

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