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New System Build Problem Drivepool Misbehaving


So I just started a new system build with drive pool and I've noticed that none of the disk would spin down. Not the MB drives (Asus 370-A PRIME) or on the LSI SAS 9207-8i controller. So I started investigating and I'm seeing writes to all the drives (even those not in the pool) every ~5 sec, in extremely short bursts (don't even register on the active time scale).

So pulling my hair out trying to discover which applications was causing this, I final came to DP. I stop the DP service and instantaly the writes stop. I start the service and the writes start again.

The pool is organized and at rest. I've tried turning off all balancers, ect.

I've tried the builds .896 and 903.



As you can see the F drive is not even in the pool.



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Thanks Christopher, that stopped the "every ~5 sec. bursts.  Unfortunately still none of the drives will sleep. So looking a little deeper, using process explorer, I see the WMI service accessing all of the drives, (every second or so) but every 60 sec looks like a file operation is conducted (open) on the drives.

If I shut down the WMI service, I get a warning that 2 services rely on WMI (ip Helper and some security service) so I shut down those services and problem persists. If I shutdown the WMI service the disk access problem stops.

I have stopped every startup program and the problem persists.

I suppose I can't just leave WMI disabled. :P, so do you have any advice on finding what program is using the WMI service to access the drives?


PS: From what I've read (for you mostly), the LSI SAS 9207-8i will not allow the drives to sleep by default so I applied the registry hack here. Not sure if it actually works because of the above problem.. B)

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