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Weird performace after re-install



Hey guys, recent I had to reinstall the drivepool in my WHS and so far everything is good but I though I would start a new thread because of some weird performance issues I am having. When I write to my pool I use to get speeds of 110MB/s consistently and now my speeds fluctuate like a roller coaster with dips to 0 MB/s that can last for up to a minute. Any ideas on what could be causing these speed fluctuations? The speeds are so bad that some files are failing during transfer.


@Drashna, do you still have that forum post from back in the day at the WGS forums that showed how to optimize media playback without stuttering on WHS? It was in your sig in the forums IIRC.

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Nope, Terry nuked the site.  And for a while, configured things in a way that nuked cached copies. 

But here you go:

But here are the highlights: 


For the Network Adapter (in device management or "Configure" on the properties page):
Flow control: on (client and server)
"checksum" or "Offload": Off (client and server)
jumbo frames: off or default (client or server)
Green Ethernet: off (this decreases the power used, and for me seems to cause issues, Client and Server)
Interrupt Moderation: off (client and server)

run "netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted" in an elevated console on the client machine (if Vista or Windows 7). (client)
Under network connection, where "Internet Protocol Version 4" is, make sure "QoS Packet Scheduling" is turned off or removed on all clients. (Client and Server)


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