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What is the purpose of re-measure?



I've been trying to figure out today why my "Other" category had 46 gb specified after I did a couple of backups from different machines to a pool (via the network).  I tried looking at all the hidden system folders etc to no avail.  I almost gave up when I found the re-measure menu item, sure enough after it did what it did the "Other" category went down to 780 mb or so.  So I guess there are two questions here, why does the "Other" category increase when you're writing to the pool, and what does the re-measure menu item do?



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Remeasure, well does what it sounds like. It causes DrivePool to rescan all the files in the pools and .... well, remeasure the contents.


As for "Other", normally, it shouldn't grow while writing to the pool. That's is definitely weird.


Isn't this something that should happen automatically or at the very least on a scheduled basis?  Regarding the "Other" growing, it went from about 700mb to 26gb as I was backing up my SSD (not in the pool) to the pool using EaseUS todo backup.  Then I used Carbon Copy Cloner from a macbook to backup to a shared folder in the pool, this added roughly another 22gb to the "Other" section.


It's interesting to note that this morning my "Other" section was showing 1.6 GB after my nightly incremental backup ran.  I manually re-measured and the "Other" section went to 60GB!  I tried re-measuring again with the same result.  I then rebooted, re-measured, and it went back down to 787MB.  The fluctuation is always between the "Other" section and "Duplicated".  It's a little concerning that this is happening, I wish there was greater visibility into where these numbers come from.

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