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Running out of space


So last night I dragged about 20 gb's worth of files to my SSD 250 , I have about 40 gb worth of space that I use to upload back and forth to my google drive.  Woke up this morning and it's still stuck on less than 8 gbs worth of space and nothing is uploading.  I did a file search with cc cleaner and its showing cloudpart.xxxx and its taking a lot of space.  Can I delete this?  or is there another method, it's like the files were dragged but not uploaded and still stored on my local drive. I also ran the exe troubleshooter and submitted it to you guys.   Also noticed windows did an update to my system and restarted don't know if that has anything to do with the problem.  Thank you.



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The "CloudPart.xxxxx" is where the cache for the CloudDrive is used. 

Also CCleaner may be misreporting it.  There is a "size" and "size on disk".  These are two different values.


If the drive is not mounted, then you can delete the files. Otherwise...

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