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Clouddrives in Scanner

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One of my cloud drives says "file system damaged". Anyway to go about fixing this?

Also, my other cloud drive is being scanned for an eternity. Is there a way to speed this up or disable it for the cloud storage?

Not sure what to do since they aren't actual hard drives but my Google drives using stablebit cloud drive.


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If you double click on the drive, and open the "File system health" section, you can reset the status. Click on the button with the green circle to do this.


But this will cause it to rescan the drive, sooner or later (depending on the option you chose).

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Surface scans are disabled for CloudDrive disks by default.  But file system scans are not (as they can be helpful)

You can disable this per disk, in the "Disk Settings" option.

As for the length, that depends on the disk.  aand no, there isn't really a way do speed this up.

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