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Win 10 Scheduled Optimization On or Off on Pooled Disks



Hey Guys - 

Quick question which I couldn't find the answer to when searching.  Should Windows 10's (Current Branch) built in "Scheduled Optimization" be turned On or Off for pooled disks / SSD cache?  I have used DrivePool for years now and am currently running which maintains a 43.9tb pool comprised of 10 platter disks and a single 250GB SSD for caching.  Been having intermittant File System Damaged errors in Scanner recently and trying to see if I can improve how things are configured.  Applying feature updates for Win10 unfortunately resets many settings system wide (at least for me) and currently has all disks scanned / defragged if needed weekly and since my pool only has 650gb free, am sure it's taking tons of resources when having to perform this.  


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