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DrivePool, ShadowCopy, SnapRaid and other amazing tales.


Hi, I'm not sure if it's the right place, but I haven't found anywhere to post suggestions :D


* I understand that DrivePool and ShadowCopy are not compatible, and knowing Microsoft I'd wager that making them compatible is somewhere in the middle of "impossible" and "torture". So I'm not even going to ask :D

That said, Shadow Copies work fine in the pooled drive, but having to go look and find for the file in the middle of N drives everytime is a bit of a pain.


Would it be possible to implement, at least locally where DrivePool is installed, a context menu entry that opened the Properties/Previous Copies window of the file from the pooled drive directly?

Being able to do that from the network, maybe using an agent, would be even better, but I'd be plenty happy even without this.

Alternatively, any way to ask drivepool where the file is so I can code something on top would also be awesome (command line commands, powershell cmdlet, APIs, whatever).


* I also wanted to ask if there is any plan to integrate something different than file duplication in Drivepool, such as SnapRAID (which would have to be just a GUI for SnapRaid considering the pesky copy-left license) or some other kind of snapshot parity system to have a bit of resiliency without losing half the space. (At this point I'm using both and it works great, but having everything managed by the same software would be amazing).


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Yeah, we know that it's possible to support Shadow Copies on the pool.   But there is no documentation on how the feature is implemented on  the file system level.  So we'd literally have to reverse engineer it and test it heavily.  It's not a small task, even remotely.  



As for opening he underlying drive... that would require additional software, and specifically some sort of property page or right click menu "context menu handler".   It's not outside of the realm of possibility, but not something we'd be able to get to in the immediate future. 


Right now, the DPCMD utility can get a lot of the information, so that may work, if you're willing to use the command line. 



However, over the network would be something else entirely, and .... pretty much out of the question, I think.  Especially as accessing the drives... let alone association with them would be a serious problem, at best. 




As for parity or the like, no. There are no plans on adding anything else here.  

Specifically adding something like parity would be a signficant change to the code, and to how the software works.  

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Some here and there.  Most of it is accessible by running "dpcmd", and then running "dpcmd command-name".  


Alex (the Developer) has documented what it does pretty well, and included examples for each command.  So it shouldn't be difficult to figure out.


But if you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Also, you may want to read up on this link, as it's the command you're most likely looking for:


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