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Unable to add JBOD disks to an existing pool



I am unable to add JBOD disks to an existing pool.  I have Mediasonic 8 bay disk enclosure attached to HP N40 Microserver running Windows Home Server 2011 via USB.  The enclosure is broken into two JBOD blocks of 10TB and 7.28TB.  The addition to pool fails with an unable to find the file specified error post-1322-0-34744500-1385230793_thumb.png.  I am out of my depth with this issue, has anyone see this type of behaviour or could offer advice as to how to solve it.


I also tried to create a new pool but got the following error post-1322-0-95630800-1385230782_thumb.png.


Appreciate your thoughts on what is going on here.



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I'm assuming both are with the array, correct?

Specifically which MediaSonic box do you have? The ProRAID box, correct?

If so.. it looks like you only get RAID. No way to pass on the disks individually (which would be preferred).


Also, these disks are GPT, i'm guessing (given the size, they should be).


Could you open a ticket at http://stablebit.com/contact ?

And upload a few things?


If there are any files, do this:



And after that, enable tracing and try to add the disks to the pool again.


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